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Longbourn Inspired Cameo Cookies Tutorial

Have you started to read Longbourn by Jo Baker yet? If not, you should, because it’s the official pick for the next meeting of The Comedy Wives Bookclub. (The unofficial pick is Dr. Sleep by Stephen King, which is also pretty good, but makes for a less adorable cookie).

Longbourn is a reimagining of Jane Austen’s beloved classic, Pride & Prejudice, from the perspective of the household servants. Having just reread P&P, and nearly halfway through this month’s selection, I was inspired to create these tasty cameo sugar cookies to serve over tea at the next meeting. Continue reading


Are we all reading Longbourn yet? The current Comedy Wives book club book, Longbourn, by Jo Baker is based on the events detailed in our beloved Pride and Prejudice. (Yes, that is where you know that name from!) The story is told this time from the perspective of ‘downstairs’, the long suffering staff of the Bennet’s entailed-away-to- cousin-Collins home.

I will not be talking about Longbourn yet, because I want to give ‘yall a chance to read it. Today I’m going to talk about something that has really captured my imagination lately: indoor plumbing. Continue reading